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珠海桑拿网‘A significant cautionary tale’: experts weigh-in on U.S. Capitol riot

珠海桑拿网While a mob ransacked the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, groups of Trump supporters gathered in Calgary and Red Deer, protesting the U.S. election results.

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Political scientist Duane Bratt said Alberta has the highest number of Trump supporters in Canada, but added that yesterday’s events are very unlikely to ever happen on this side of the border.

“A lot of political trends come up to Canada and we do have groups like this, but there is a different political culture in Canada than the United States,” Bratt said. “It’s a completely different situation… they don’t have the numbers.”

珠海桑拿论坛“All of that stuff that “Jason Kenney is just like Donald Trump”… no he is not and stop saying that.”
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Calgary’s Ward 9 Coun. Gian-Carlo Carra — a former New Yorker, now dual citizen — watched the stunning images spilling out of Washington on Wednesday in disappointment and disbelief.

“I weep for my former home.” said Carra
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“I also see it as a significant cautionary tale because we are definitely on that road here in Canada, I think western democracies throughout the world are on that road.”

The politician admits he’s never been more proud to be a Canuck, but said Canadians should take a hard look at what led to the riots state-side and start “girding our own democracy.”

“We cannot let the insanity that we saw unleashed on the streets of Washington yesterday gain any more of a toe hold here and wash over us anymore,” he said.

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The Canadian Social Harmony Index, a recent study completed by Calgary researcher Joni Avram, found Canadians are more united than some may think in our willingness to understand each other despite differences.
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“The vast majority of Canadians in all regions, including Alberta, are very much on the same page… very willing to meet one another in the middle, find common ground, understand one another,” Avram said.

A hopeful sign in Canada as our closest neighbour struggles to find harmony and balance in a divided nation.
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3:48 Riots on Capitol Hill and the threat to democracy
Riots on Capitol Hill and the threat to democracy
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CN and CP report higher grain transport numbers thanks 珠海桑拿网to hopper car additions

珠海桑拿网Canada’s railways are reporting continued record levels of grain shipments as they add high-capacity grain hopper cars.

Canadian Pacific Railway Co. says it moved a calendar year record 31.32 million tonnes of Canadian grain and grain products in 2020.

It says it moved a record 8.84 million tonnes in the fourth quarter, aided by a record haul of 2.84 million tonnes in December.

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Canadian National Railway Co., meanwhile, says it also shipped a record of over 2.84 million tonnes of grain by rail car in December, bringing the volume from the 2020-21 crop year-to-date to 14.5 million tonnes, exceeding the previous all-time record pace volume by nearly two million tonnes or over 15 per cent.
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珠海桑拿论坛CN spokesman Jonathan Abecassis added in an email that the railway shipped 9.25 million tonnes in the fourth quarter and over 32 million tonnes in calendar 2020, both records. He added the numbers don’t include grain shipped by intermodal container, which is also at a record level for CN.

CP says it has added 3,700 of its commitment for 5,900 hopper units that carry 15 per cent more volume and 10 per cent more weight compared with older cars they are replacing.

Two weeks ago, the Canadian Transportation Agency said CN and CP exceeded their maximum grain revenue entitlements for the 2019-20 crop year and would have 30 days to pay the amount by which they exceeded their entitlements plus a five per cent penalty.

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